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B R O N X NY Native

22 Year Old December Baby

Lover of all things mint. Into the slow and simple life. I enjoy little things, such as; handwritten notes, flowers, and hugs. Cleaning fanatic. Disciple of the most high God, who's son Jesus Christ died and rose again.

sentimental, fun, hardworking, determined, and eclectic

-Raven Nicole






Dashbort, dashbort

Scrollin down that dash

Scrollin, Scrollin down that dash


Rebloggin all this, com-commentin on this

Likin’ all this, postin all this,

Post-postin’ all-o-this good good

I woke up and checked my notes saying how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby? Tumblin’ in Love.

Scrollin’ all night. REBLOOOOOOG. REBLOOOOOG!

Scrollin’ all night, REBLOOOOOG. REBLOOO-O-O-O-G!

And this is why I love Black tumblr.